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"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

Michelle Obama

Meet EmpowHER life strategist, Kelly Jennings, she is an Author. Speaker. Mindset Coach


Kelly Jennings

Author. Speaker. Mindset Coach

Kelly is an EmpoweHER life strategist, a breakthrough mindset coach, an inspirational speaker, and an author.

She is the CEO of Larnae Empowerment Solutions with a mission to empower the masses as a lead training and development company in her field of expertise.

She is a self-published author of five books and a highly sought-after transformation speaker and teacher. Kelly has a mind-blowing story from being an exceptional, highly decorated military leader, to one who self-sabotaged her own civilian career due to lack of confidence, and her personal insecurities.

Benefits of Working With Kelly

Kelly is a passionate transformative leader who understands the pain points
of women who feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, misguided, burnt-out, and emotionally exhausted.

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Be Transformed


Be Empowered 


Be a Woman-On-Demand


Leave Your Past Behind and Go to the place called "there." 

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