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Our Mission Statement  

Our mission is to restore the broken pieces of peoples lives through faith-based mentorship and equipping individuals. We are specifically focussed towards women dealing with life transitions from simply getting unstuck, overcoming traumatic events such as divorce, domestic violence, or incarceration and those needing emotional recovery assistance and life-management skills. We do this  by providing life & career  skills and tools for full recovery from life's traumatic events. We are committed to restoring lives one piece at a time and empowering individuals to B.I.R.T.H. Forth with confidence and purpose.Through our impactful programs, we have assisted thousands of women and ministry leaders globally. Seventy-five percent of our mentees and leaders have been transformed, empowered, and are fully operating in their ministries, businesses, and as productive citizens in their communities. By partnering with us, sponsors and financial supporters have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals, families, and communities, contributing to lasting positive change and transformation.

Our Vision  Statement  

We are dedicated to empowering leaders to become effective change agents within their spheres of influence. Our mission includes re-training the brain to break free from patterns that hinder lifelong success. We do not assume that you are broken; instead, we aim to help you identify current patterns that are not yielding the desired results in your life, business, career, or relationships.Our approach is designed to equip individuals with the tools and strategies needed to excel in their endeavors. We believe that by addressing these patterns, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success..

Kelly Jennings Global  

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