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About Kelly


Credible mentorship ushers its recipients into life-changing realms of personal balance, and states of salubrious peace. Bringing this exact quality to the coaching experience; is the benevolent adept, Kelly Jennings.

Kelly Jennings is an orator, fatidic mentor, author, and women’s enthusiast, with a profound commission to re-establish the confidence, identity, and purpose of women burdened by the unfortunate events of post-relational trauma. Having to both overcome a turbulent past filled with various forms of familial derangement; all while transforming its remnants into a metamorphic 21-year career as a retired E-7 MSgt, of the United States Air Force, Kelly Jennings is no stranger to aiding others through the journey of personal transformation. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Larnae Empowerment Solutions, Kelly has crafted a myriad of workshops and programs that have altered the trajectory of countless men and women’s lives, throughout the country and across the world.

Kelly’s mantra is clear: Her coaching & mentoring gears toward building warriors who know how to stand victorious in life, ministry, and business.  Backed by an innate passion for personal excellence, Kelly couples her meritorious abilities with a sincere regard for education, achievement, and advocacy. She holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Psychology, and is currently a certification candidate in mental health coaching. Her industry flex is well deserved, as Kelly has been featured across various platforms for her innovative approach toward personal transformation. She was featured in the Women of Wealth Magazine and NBQ Magazine, in both the June and July Editions, 2022. She served as a guest speaker on Digital Gathering, and Breakthrough Prayer and Power line.

Dedicated to the anthem of her purpose for life-changing metamorphosis, Kelly has created several channels of influence to reach her massively growing clientele, including but not limited to: Authorship of more than four self-published books; The Warrior ROAR Strategic Prayer Room every M-W-F @5am via Zoom, Prophetic Mentorship via Facebook (BreakthroughWithKelly), Apostolic Teaching & Mentoring on Clubhouse @TheLightHouse, and The Prayer Fire Global Team.

Inspired greatly by a will to see the lives of women amended by the power of faith and the appreciation of self, Kelly remains a reliable aid towards the cause, and a reputable example of what is possible when people become direct contributors, toward their healing journey.

Kelly offers group coaching and 1:1 Real cOUCH Convo Intensives. To book Kelly for a speaking engagement visit Kelly Jennings. Leader. Energizer. Humanitarian.

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