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30-Days To Breakthrough


30-Days To Mastering Your Life Breakthrough Challenge

The Intent of your 30 days breakthrough journey is to aid you in your healing journey and allow you time to heal, refresh, and regenerate your passion for life.

Brokenness is one of the biggest setbacks I notice in people who are pursuing purpose, wanting to start a business or write a book.  Therefore, the struggle with understanding who they are called to, the message they are supposed to project, or how to monetize their gifts because of their unresolved internal hurts and identity crisis within themselves.

I offer “The Breakthrough Full-Life Method” that challenges you to discover self and be willing to show-up for yourself before you write that book, start that business, or even venture into a new relationship.

There are times we are encouraged to “Get-away” and take care of self.   Self-care is not a selfish act; in fact, I believe it’s selfish not to care for yourself. You can’t imagine what a little time of pulling away to regroup, recover, and restore


This is a self-paced virtual program for you to establish the pace that works best for your healing needs.  I’m confident there will be days you will want to pause and soak in all that you’ve learned about yourself.

How this program will be administered:

For the next 30 days you will go on a journey of your life that will provoke you to release and heal in areas that you may have overlooked for a long time. In some ways it will reveal blind spots in your life; However, if you allow yourself to peer into your soul, I believe you will experience breakthrough in your life like never before.

How to Maximize this Challenge:

To get the most out of this challenge I recommend the following:

  • Plan a place to get-away daily (a quiet room, retreat, mountains, log cabin).

  • Decide to avoid the distractions that will get you off-course.

  • If you can’t take time from work, use the breaks, lunches and times after work to pull away and engross yourself in your breakthrough.

  • Determine ahead of time what you are going to give up for the next 30 days (consider people, places, things, activities, social media, friends, and relationships)

  • Select a responsible, mature person you can be accountable to

  • Write out your desired goals and outcomes at the end of the 30-days.

  • Keep this challenge strictly about you (ONLY include others who are like-minded and just as serious as you are about the healing and change you are all seeking).

The Daily Routine for Breakthrough will consist of:

  • You will have access to the daily video of encouragement instruction for Kelly to empower you for your current day’s journey.

  • Each day you read your journey agenda and journal your daily discovery at the end of each night.

  • You day will consist of prayer (if you ascribe to prayer)

  1. Meditation/soaking

  2. Reading for self-improvement (Bible, or any book you feel can help you improve in the specific area you desire healing)

  3. Separate from things that were hurtful, a distraction or painful to your life (people, place, thing, or food). 

  • Daily take time answer the piercing questions provided to you and journal the answers in your journal response book.

  • Each day builds from the previous day, so discipline yourself not to jump ahead. Submit to the process and enjoy the journey.

  • If you desire 1:1 strategy call, Upon payment access to the specially discounted rates will be available to you inside the course curriculum.

Benefits for enrolling in this program:

  • Full life-time access to this program

  • Specially discounted rate for 45-minute 1:1 session with Kelly

  • Discount purchase price for the new release

“Mastering My Life: Overcoming Soul Wounds and Addictions of the Mind.

Enroll today in YOUR 30-day Master Your Life Breakthrough

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