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About Kelly


Credible mentorship ushers its recipients into life-changing realms of personal balance, and states of salubrious peace. Bringing this exact quality to the coaching experience; is the benevolent adept,

Kelly Jennings.


In 2005, after retiring from the United States Air Force as a decorated Senior NCO, God announced her as a prophet and began training her in hearing His voice, embracing her calling, spiritual warfare, and living a holy life. Despite serving in many ministries, she remains in obscurity as a prophet of God. In 2014, she was ordained as a prophet and given a book called "Women Apostles," with a prophecy that she would become an Apostolic Leader hosting conferences to mentor and train pastor's wives and women. Since 2010, Kelly has served as the Executive Administrator of Freedom to Live Ministries, led by her husband, Apostle Larry Jennings.


Known as "The Prophetic Ambassador for School of the Prophets," Kelly teaches emerging prophets the process of becoming prophets ordained by God. She trains ministry leaders in leadership development, people management, and prophetic activations. She also served as a teacher and intercessory prayer for Women-N-Power (WMP) International Ministry  and currently serves in her own prayer network as well as partners with The Prayer Fire Global Ministry, led by Apostle Davidson Utsaghan of the United Kingdom, for global Kingdom Advancement. 


Kelly is the founder of The W.O.W (Weapon of War) Global Prayer Network, birthing prayer warriors and teaching spiritual warfare. She recently founded The Midwife Birthing Throne, birthing leaders into their purpose and future spiritual midwives into their destiny. She believes in the importance of prayer and hosts prayer-fast and consecrations throughout the year to advance the Kingdom of God.

As a servant to her community, Kelly ministers weekly to the women of The Fayette County Jail System. She is the founder of The Birthing Throne Ministries and Kingdom Champions Transformation Leadership Centre (KC – TLC). Additionally, she is the CEO of Larnae Empowerment Solutions, a for-profit administrative, coaching/consulting business.

Kelly holds an MBA from Georgia State University with a specialization in Organization Management and a master's in psychology from the University of West Georgia. She is completing her training to be a certified mental health counselor, professional life coach, and an official prophetic ministry leader and mentor. Her expertise in governmental leadership ministry, organizational and leadership development, and mentorship of women is demonstrated in her ability to develop, train, mentor, and teach people. Kelly brings insightful revelations that penetrate hearts and bring new perspectives of the Word of God.

Her passion is to connect with women in leaders in ministry and the marketplace. She is building a network to unite with women pastors and pastor's wives in the South Metro Atlanta area for empowerment and encouragement. As the Director of the Freedom to Live Women's Ministry, she hosts an annual One Night women's encounters called  "One Night With the King”  and weekend women’s retreats to offer refreshment and restoration to women of God.

Inspired greatly by a will to see the lives of women amended by the power of faith and the appreciation of self, Kelly remains a reliable aid towards the cause, and a reputable example of what is possible when people become direct contributors, toward their healing journey.

Kelly offers group coaching and 1:1 Real cOUCH Convo Intensives. To book Kelly for a speaking engagement visit Kelly Jennings. Leader. Energizer. Humanitarian.

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