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Minding Your Business Mastermind

General Info 


Accelerate Your Success with Like-Minded Professionals

Discover the power of the Minding Your Business Mastermind and unlock new levels of success. Join a group of like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and accelerate your business growth.



In today's fast-paced world, personal and professional growth have become paramount for success. A mastermind group is a powerful tool that can propel individuals to new heights. In this article, we will explore the concept of a mastermind and delve into its importance for personal and professional development.


What is Minding Your Business About? 


Minding Your Business is about becoming laser-focused on your purpose, your product, and the problem you are called to solve.  We are often fully engaged in pushing other people’s vision that we seem to forget; if we are called to lead from the front, we can’t keep minding others’ business while letting yours fall by the westside. 


The goal of this 90-day journey is to take you from start to finish (the mission, vision, plan, and product.) If you are going to have a business, ministry, service, or product, you are going to have to think about it.  Therefore, the goal of this program is to: 


  1. Change and create a new mindset about yourself and the business you are responsible for in life.

  2. Focus on the process of goal setting, accountability, and organizational skills to keep you consistently pursuing your business.

  3. Provide an opportunity to learn from successful individuals and avoid common pitfalls through shared experiences.

  4. Experience the power of diversity and acceptance at a higher level than ever before and unlock your creative ideas in a safe environment. 


Creating a Fierce Mindset. 


Changing mindset is not easy, but it is possible.  However, you must be willing to submit to the change process, overcome the obstacles of resistance, and allow yourself to be teachable. You can’t keep doing and thinking the same way and expect things to be different. Consequently, many people are stuck in their refusal to settle down and do business right.  Avoiding the things you regret doing will eventually haunt your future progress.  Then the frustration, overwhelm and burnout settles in, and you start over again because you tried to circumvent the business rather than think about your business with the right perspective. 


Benefits of Joining  Minding Your Business Mastermind:


  1. Collaborative Learning and Problem-Solving: 


Joining a mastermind group allows you to tap into like-minded individuals' collective wisdom and expertise. Through collaborative learning, you can gain new insights, perspectives, and knowledge that can accelerate your growth.


2. Diverse Perspectives and Insights: 

Mastermind groups typically consist of individuals from diverse backgrounds and 

industries. This diversity brings forth a wide range of perspectives and insights, enabling. 

You to see challenges and opportunities from different angles.


3. Accountability and Goal Setting: 


Being part of a mastermind group provides a built-in system of accountability. By setting goals and sharing them with the group, you are more likely to stay committed and take consistent action toward achieving them. The group members can offer support, and encouragement and hold you accountable for your progress.


4. Networking Opportunities: 


Mastermind groups create an excellent environment for networking. You can connect with professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts in various fields, expanding your network and opening doors to new opportunities.


Benefits of collaboration, peer support, and shared knowledge within a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Collaboration within a community of like-minded individuals fosters a sense of synergy, where group members' combined efforts and diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and breakthrough ideas.


  • Peer support within a community provides a nurturing and motivating environment where individuals can lean on each other during challenging times, celebrate successes together, and receive constructive feedback to improve their skills and strategies.


  • Shared knowledge within a community allows for continuously exchanging valuable insights, best practices, and lessons learned. This collective wisdom helps members stay informed about industry trends, avoid common pitfalls, and discover new opportunities.


  • Individuals can overcome obstacles more effectively and efficiently by collaborating and receiving peer support. Encouragement and advice from like-minded individuals who have faced similar challenges can provide guidance, boost confidence, and help individuals navigate through difficult situations.


  • Being part of a community that values collaboration, peer support, and shared knowledge creates a sense of belonging and connection. It reduces feelings of isolation and allows individuals to form meaningful relationships with others who understand their journey and share their goals and aspirations.


  • The collective power of collaboration, peer support, and shared knowledge elevates individuals' overall growth and success within a community. By tapping into the strengths and expertise of others, individuals can amplify their capabilities and achieve greater outcomes than they could have on their own.


Key-Take Ways of this Mastermind:

  • Enhanced business strategies and problem-solving skills.

  • Access to a supportive community and networking opportunities.

  • Accountability and goal tracking.

  • Personal and professional growth through shared knowledge and experiences.

  • Increased confidence and motivation.

  • An organized business plan you can be proud of

  • Your Core Essence in 30-seconds 

  • A well-written, edited, and published book 

How to Get Started:

  • Click this link and register.  

  • Choose your plan, complete payment, and enroll. 

  • Attend the information session one week before the start of the first session. 

  • Review the program guidelines and expectations.

  • Make the necessary payment or agreement for participation.




Testimonials from Mastermind Participants:

  • Kelly’s fierce mindset about business and coaching is impeccable.  I developed a stronger mindset after sitting under her “Crack the Code” Mastermind. I discovered the areas that had me stuck and today, I’ve started my own business and grown strong mentally in my pursuit of self-care and development.   ~ WN (South Africa). 


  • While in Kelly’s mastermind, I was forced to face the reality of my fears and realize that my overwhelm was due to my lack of organization, consistency, and mental strength. Kelly knows what she’s doing, and she didn’t let my tears deter her from pushing me to the finish line because she saw in me what I struggled to believe about myself.      ~Michele (Massachusetts).


  • The advantage of having my mom coach me through college, especially my final semester was pivotal. Each call and visit home were a mastermind session that, at the time I dreaded, but I’m so glad, my mother, the mindset coach did not give up on me. She pushed me to my greatness.  I developed the confidence to land my first real dream job after declining an offer for another job that I was going to settled for.  If you are looking for someone who will see you and see through you; you need to enroll in this Mastermind Course today. Thanks mom.    ~Michelle (Atlanta, GA. )  


  • At times I laughed and many times I cried; because finally I had someone who didn’t just tell me what to do but showed me how to do it. Kelly helped me to unlock my creativity and my confidence. Her awareness teaching, goal-setting, and prophetic insight are what I needed.  I now know how to overcome the mental blocks that had me stuck.                  ~ Maeada (Kentucky). 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question 1:  How will this course be administered? 

           Answer:  This is a 12-week program. Individuals will meet Bi-weekly for a total of six (6)  times, 2hrs each session. The course will convene every Saturday, starting 8 July 2023, @ 10 am EST. 

Question 2:   What does general access offer? 

            Answer:  General access offers full access to the six bi-weekly sessions which include all hand-outs. 

Question 3:   Can you explain the VIP Writer’s Internet Café?


The VIP Writer’s Internet Café is for those serious about getting their book or course developed by the end of the program. You will receive all recordings from the sessions, plus the short-cut secrets of publishing. Additionally, Kelly will give you her point of contact for book designing, program development, editing, and more.  

Question 4:   Can I choose the VIP only without purchasing the 12-week mastermind?

This course is succinctly set up for your success. While you are free to choose your process; it is highly recommended to take the entire course. Selecting the full process will give you the tools to take advantage of the VIP writer’s café.  Additionally, the cost for the VIP is discounted for those who take the 12-week journey because it is more cost-effective.  The stand-alone VIP session ONLY is significantly higher.

Question 5: How much time commitment is required?

Only five dedicated hours per week is all you will need to see results and progress in your business.


Question 6:  Can I join if I'm a beginner or have a well-established business?

 This program is for everyone. If you are stuck in any area, the course is for you. 

Question 7:  What is the cost of participation?

 There are various options to participate, or you can pay monthly.  All monthly payments must be made within 72 hours of the start of each monthly session.

Question 8:   How are mastermind groups organized?

This course is a group mastermind.  However, you can book Kelly for one-on-one sessions if you desire.


Question 9:   Are the classes recorded?  

Each will be recorded and uploaded to a repository.  Participants can access up to 60 days after completion of the course.  Those who enroll in General Admission and VIP will receive an entire recording of all sessions. 

Question 10: Whom can I contact with any questions or concerns? Please email Kelly at for questions. Leave your name, number, and full explanation of your concerns.   Please allow at least 48 hours for her reply. If necessary, someone from the admin office will personally reach out to you to resolve your issues. 

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