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Restoring Broken Pieces Retreats 

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At our "Restoring the Broken Pieces" retreat, we aspire to empower attendees to confidently declare their transformation. From the moment they step through our doors to the day they depart, we strive to provide an immersive experience that embodies the essence of a true retreat. Our nurturing environment and mentorship program offer a haven for women and ministry leaders navigating transitions, where they can find refuge from feelings of overwhelm, neglect, or burnout. Through our holistic approach, we seek to equip individuals recovering from trauma, such as domestic violence, incarceration, or church-related hurt, with the tools for healing, strength, and empowerment. Our ultimate goal at our retreats is to provide knowledge and recovery skills to help them in rebuilding and revitalizing their lives and ministries, enabling them to embrace their full potential in ministry, relationships, or business and confidentlyB.I.R.T.H. Forth with purpose.

Equip ~ Inspire ~Transform ~ Empowering The Minds

At our Restoring Life Retreat, we believe that everyone has the potential to be great. Our goal is to help you rediscover your purpose and destiny in life, while also providing you with a safe and healing environment to rest, recover, and retreat from the pressures of everyday life. We have carefully crafted a life-changing program that will help you embrace your mental health, gain clarity, and find hope. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and reconnect with yourself. Join us and begin the journey of mastering your life today.

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A Woman's Expression

Fierce ~ Focussed ~ Fearless 

The true expression of every woman is her ability to locate herself in the midst of chaos, hurt, pain, disappointment, and despair.  She unselfishly showed up for everyone else, Now she must decide  to finally Show-up for herself.

You are no good to anyone if you are not first good to yourself. 

3-Nights & 4 Days  to
Recover, Restore, Refresh, and Revive  
July 2025 (DTA) 

Day  1: Recovery

Healing & Teaching Ministry to the whole woman (Body, Mind, Soul). Receive empowerment  from a dynamic speaker and start your process of recovery, refreshing, and restoration.   Unpack your bags and rest in the place where it's okay to put your needs, wants, and desires first.

Day 2:  Restoration A Full Day of Pour

Morning Meditation
Workshops & Seminars
Night Time:  Dinner &
Leveraging Fellowship
Panelist Discussion (Q&A)​

Day 3:  Refreshing 

Your Day...Your Way 
The thing I despise the most is the need to take a vacation after a vacation.   These retreats are geared to HealingHER.  We've shown up for others so well, but we don't know how to show up for ourselves without the feeling of guilt or selfishness.
This day is free for you to treat yourself to a spa treatment, a shopping day, relax around the pool, or just sleep in.  

No Rules...No expectations  

 DAY 4: Brunch & Return 
Unlock Your Inner Power &
Be Renewed 

The Goal is to Retreat Get away from the hustle and bustle, find yourself, and find your peace 

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