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Welcome to the service page here you will get all types of ways you can connect with Kelly Jennings regarding mentorship, consultant, and programs.

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Kelly Jennings

Author. Speaker. Mindset Coach

Kelly is an EmpowHER life strategist, a breakthrough mindset coach, an inspirational speaker, and an author.

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Our Services

Empowerment Coach

Message for the Masses is all about helping people find their path in life.  

We offer group coaching whiched are scheduled on a quarterly basis and private 1:1 coaching scheduled throughot the year. 

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At Message for the Masses, I help empower women to reach their full potential. I provide workshops, keynote speeches and one-on-one coaching to help women find their passion and purpose, build confidence and discover their unique strengths. I'm passionate about inspiring and motivating women to reach their goals and dreams, and strive to provide an encouraging and supportive environment. My goal is to help create a ripple effect of empowerment and motivation, so that more women can reach their highest potential.


At Message for the Masses, we believe that effective leadership can make a tremendous impact on any organization or team. As a leadership consultant, I have worked with individual businesses to help them develop strategic plans for success. I specialize in helping individuals, teams, and organizations to identify and refine their vision, mission, and values. Through a combination of workshops, presentations, and one-on-one coaching, I strive to make an impact in the lives of my clients. I aim to help each organization develop the skills and strategies needed to become effective leaders.

Our Featured Books

Unleash The Genius Mindset and Ascend

The word ascend means to go higher.  So to unleash the mindset, we must be willing to unleash the Creative Genius Mindset, organize our thoughts, overcome overwhelm, reduce frustrations, and eliminate the feeling of unfulfillment. So to keep the mind activated, we must Ascend, which means we must elevate our thinking. Override the "circuit breakers" in our mind.  This is a 3-month Business and Individual Ministry Mastermind.

Your Key-TakeAways From This Course



Learn how to develop the mental capacity to unlock the mind code and remain consistent toward change.



You'll uncover your hidden passion to pursue your purpose. 


Business Consultation

You'll get focused and crystal clear about your assignment in life. 


Working Woman

You'll learn the 5 phenomenal strategies to overcome overwhelm and how to show-up for yourself and be fearless.

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Culture Mindshift Master Class: coming soon 

Description: This is a 1-day, 2 -hour Group Coaching Class offered every 3rd Saturday of the  1st month of each quarter (Jan, April, Jul, Sep).

You will learn how to: Identify, Ignite, and Increase the mindset to improve your Mental Strength, your Creative Culture, and your Qualitative Intelligence Culture. You will identify the blind spots in your mindset and develop a growth mindset so you can become more productive, creative, and live your extraordinary life

Getting Unstuck: Breaking the Cycle of Soul-Addictions 3-hr Master Class (coming soon)

Offered each year in February or as demanded (Also Coming Soon this course will be offered as a virtual E-Course)

Description: This intense program pushes you to your limits of greatness. You will discover the soul issues that keeps you going in cycles,  the hidden jewels in you, discover your value, and pinpoint the solution you were born to deliver to your ideal clients.

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How Is This Course Going To Help You Excel In Your Career?

Boost your

This mentorship will provide insight to the basic function of the mind in a way to help correct your thinking and to propel you into a highly productive and disciplined lifestyle.

Help in Pursue Dream 

The training you receive in this course will help you recognize the blind spots in your thinking that possibly contributes to your inability to create and pursue your dream life.

Clarity on Overcoming Soul Wounds

Self-sabotage is a real thing, often it stems from past pain and fears that keep us going back instead of forward.  Learn how to identify, accept, and overcome behaviors that hinder your progress.


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