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Kelly Jennings, 
Empowerment Mindset Coach 

Mastermind Intensive

 A Leader's empowerment service created with you in mind.

Kelly Jennings is a fierce leader specializing in empowering leaders in personal development and becoming successful entrepreneurs or ministry leaders. Through this program, Kelly will provide the tools and resources to help you create and maintain peace, prosperity, and purpose.


Minding your business is key to becoming successful in life as a marketplace leader, ministry leader, or business person. Taking the steps to empower your business and yourself is the first step to success. Learn how to get unstuck, overcome your overwhelm, and unmute your voice to gain confidence and make your presence known in the business world. With the right execution and mindset, you can achieve your goals and make the impact you desire. With the right guidance and support, you can become the successful businessperson you have always dreamed of being.


Presented by Kelly Jennings 
Founder & CEO at Larnae' Empowerment Solutions 

Kelly’s mantra is clear: Her coaching & mentoring gears toward building warriors who know how to stand victorious in life, ministry, and business.  

Backed by an innate passion for personal excellence, Kelly couples her meritorious abilities with a sincere regard for education, achievement, and advocacy. 

Dedicated to the anthem of her purpose for life-changing metamorphosis, Kelly has created several channels of influence to reach her massively growing clientele, including but not limited to Authorship of more than four self-published books; Apostolic Teaching & Mentoring on Clubhouse @TheLightHouse.

Significantly inspired by a will to see lives amended by the power of faith and the appreciation of self, Kelly remains a reliable aid towards the cause and a reputable example of what is possible when people become direct contributors toward their own healing journey. 

Our Minding Your Business seven (7) module program is the perfect solution for healing, and overcoming overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, and being stuck. With this program, you will have the tools to write a book in 30 days, while also empowering yourself and shifting your mindset. As an experienced coach and mentor, I will guide you through the process, helping you to unlock a breakthrough in your life and business.

Weekly Agenda 


Week 1 :  Creating A Fierce Mindset 

This month we will focus on creating your message for the masses.  How, when, and who will you show up for?  

Module 1:  Clarify your alignment for your assignment.  You will answer the hard questions about yourself and those you are called to so you will no longer be confused about your audience and their pain points. 

Module 2:  Embrace the Brilliance of your message 

We will address the limiting thoughts and inner critic that make you self-doubt yourself and your work.  After this session, you will have the complete confidence to begin writing your book, building your curriculum, or starting a business or non-profit. 



Week 3:   Focussing Your vision 

Module 3:   Planning Your Message: The writing begins. Learn how to schedule and manage yourself to get the message out of your head and on paper.  In this session, we start the process of crafting your message.  You will receive explicit instructions on how to create the writing & developing process that will unlock your genius forever. 

Module 4:  Removing the blockages: No more thinker's block 

Discover the distractions that distract your message.  Thinker's block is optional. 

Module 5:  VIP only:  This is a 5 hr Writer's intensive you will receive tools, techniques, and secrets to getting your book written in record time.  Your will receive the proven resources (graphic designer, editors, proofreaders, book designer, and more to propel you to execution) 


Week 5:  A Fearless Launch

Module 6:  Creating a Bold. & Fearless Launch:  Every launch needs a plan.  No product is meant to sit on the shelf and collect dust.  Learn the tools for publishing your, business, e-book, program, or ministry with the right resources and the major book distribution centers to display your products visible throughout the world.

Module 7:  Making Your Voice Heard.   The right social media plan is all you need to practice your consistency and your voice. A media plan is a must.

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