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Mission and Vision


Our Mission

Get to Know Us

Create a living organism of transformative mindset programs that offer exceptional wisdom and problem-solving skills, to empower women to walk in healthy relationships, and re-discover their voice by having crucial conversations with themselves and others to be the best version of themselves by walking in their unique and created purpose. We will

1) help women discover their life’s purpose and fulfill their passion and dreams.
2) Build and strengthen healthy relationships through Relationship Recovery Programs.
3) Build a legacy of emotionally healed women who walk in their boldness, confidence, and high self-esteem.

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Who Am I?

My assignment is to become a transformative impact to build women who struggle with personal identity and those who are emotionally broken and suffer from relational insecurity, trauma
and fear. As a mentor with exceptional wisdom and problem-solving skills, I empower women to walk in wholistic health in all facets of live and to help them discover their purpose in life.

I am always evolving and committed to my personal growth.

Therefore, I not only teach others, but I’m open to be taught by others and from the very ones I teach.

Our Vision

Kelly's  vision is simple...

Birthing and advancing Kingdom Culture by equipping through prophetic training, teaching the foundations of warfare, and helping Kingdom Citizens discover how to navigate and understand the Kingdom of God and live a the full capacity of kingdom living . 

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