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Kelly Jennings 
Speaker, Author, Coach 

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From Here Go

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The Now CEO

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Speaker Topics

1. Leveling UP:  5 Strategies of Breaking Habits of Lateral Moves 

How to identify self-sabotaging behaviors and make intentional vertical moves that produces results. 

2. Resilience:  3 Keys of Leading Yourself Through Tough Times 

Discover How to Engage Your Inner Power to  Overcome Life Obstacles and Lead with Tenacity 

3.  Becoming God's Leading Lady:

Secrets To Becoming God's Leading Lady by Dealing with Identity Crisis 

4. From Here, Go; The Art of Starting Again and Stepping into Your Now

 Embracing LIFE When You Have Nothing Left: 

 Embracing your Power of Forget; Unpack Your Pain and Leave Your Past Behind.

5. Make it Count:  5 Secrets to Leveraging Pain and Making it Work For You

Leveraging Pain: How to Step Into Your Healing Power  5 Strategies  to Identify Your Purpose Through Your Pain 

6. Stop Being a Transaction; Your Worth The Relationship 

 3 Secrets of How to Proofread Your Life, Know Your Worth, and Build Healthy Relationships 

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