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Kelly Jennings 
Speaker, Author, Coach 

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From Here Go

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The Now CEO

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Speaker Topics

1. How to Unleash the Genius and Show-Up: 

3 Secrets to Get Untuck, Get Rid of Overwhelm, and Release Frustration

The genius inside of you is waiting to be released, however the things that may have you stuck  are what’s preventing our creativity from shining through.  The culprit to being stuck is that little emotion called overwhelm.    

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Identify the signs of overwhelm, frustration, and being stuck.

  • How to stop the “circuit breaker” brain from tripping and put your mind in overdrive.

  • ​Receive the tools and techniques to break the cycles of stress, worry, and overwhelm.

2. From Here, go; The Art of Starting Again:

Embrace the Power of Forget; Unpack Your Pain and Leave Your Past Behind

Every day you wake up is a chance for a “do over,” Therefore, starting over again is not a death sentence.  Proper planning, preparation, and mastering the art of forgetting can ensure your ability to unpack the pain of your past and go to the new place called “There.”  You can successfully begin again whether it’s a business, career, ministry, or relationship, you can start again and win. Find your greater desire to be, so that the grief and expense of what you have to let go

Key Take-Aways: 

  • How to release the soul-ties from people, places, or things.

  • Discover how to forgive and forget your past by preparing for the roadblocks.

  • Master the Art of Forgetting and Forgiving your past and leaving the pain behind.

  • How to find the greater desire to be, so the grief and expense of letting go does not out-weigh the joy of what you will receive at the new peaceful place 

3. Tomorrow's Leading Lady:

10 Ways to Step into Your Now and Become a Woman In Demand

In today’s rapidly changing world, women are faced with much stress in workplace and society. Juggling several roles and responsibilities, how can a woman manage the stress of everyday work, family, and self-care while maintaining her mental health while building her own platform? Learn how to master your life, while transitioning from the empty nest syndrome, pushing everyone else’s dreams and being the perfect servant leader, and become a woman or impact, and influence.  

Show-up and fulfill your dreams and become a woman in demand?

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Discover how to overcome fear, stagnation, overwhelm and frustration

  • Be empowered to know how to identify your NOW moment 

  • Learn the 10 ways to Step Into Your Now and Become a Woman In Demand

4. The Now C.E.O. Woman; Creating Leverage:

How to Embrace Your Wilderness When You Have Nothing Left.

Life throws some blows that knocks you off the beaten path. The Now C.E.O is not only an executive leader in the board room but also a wise master builder in her wilderness experiences. There’s a creative genius in every woman learn how to leverage yourself and rebuild your life when you have nothing left to give.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Learn how to leverage your personal grace by being clever, captivating, and creative to transform your nightmare into an extraordinary life.

  • How to recover from brokenness and turn your valley pains into mountain top experiences.

  • How to break the stigmatism of being a woman of the past and convincedly upgrade yourself to become a woman of the.

5. Your Frustration-Your Solution:

5 Ways to Identify Your Purpose Through Pain.

You are the solution to your problem and your frustrations, and our past has everything to do with our purpose. Somewhere inside our pain do we find purpose and destiny.  The goal is to embrace our past experiences and not bury them and allow our pain to be the vehicle that drives us to our purpose.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Recognize what frustrates you the most is the thing you are called to solve.

  • How to find a silver-lining through your experience.

  • How to turn your pain into purpose.

6. Relationship Restoration and Team Building: 

How to have Critical Conversations that Maximize Unity, Transforms Minds, and Synergies Environments.

7. Identity Conflict:  The New Marketplace Leaders:

5 Ways to Smoothly Transition from Familiar Surroundings to Uncharted Waters.

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