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Mind Your Business Writer's Workshop Instensive

Minding Business & Mastering Your Message 
"Get Grit and Show Up" 

10 am Est  

 6 Weeks of Minding Your Business:  
Get Grit and Show Up Life Journey

Discovering 3 Major Life Stategies to Becoming A Leading Lady on Your Terms 

Societal norms, social media, and women’s inequality has painted a false narrative of what real success is; therefore, when people look at the life achievements and measure where they are in achieving their goals, in comparison to what they see others achieve they  become discouraged, feel unaccomplished, and unsure of the abilities to know the life’s purpose, or reach their destiny in life.At times, they can become depressed, because they know there is a genius inside of them, but they can’t seem to stay organized enough. The disappointment of looking at how their life started out making great strides and hitting all the milestones in their plan, to a life that seem to have come to a screeching halt.

Be Empowered. & Transformed to..

Get Unstuck, Unmuted and Unlocked
Break the Cycle of Overwhelm, and Let Go of Frustration & Fear


You Will Discover the 3 Secret Plans  of  How To Put your mind and your purpose in harmony with each other 

Module 1:  Being Fierce & Getting Unstuck

Why are you stuck?

  • You are stuck because you essentially gave up on yourself too soon.

  • You show up for everyone else but now you are exhausted and too tired to exert that same energy towards yourself.

  • You’ve spun yourself so thin and you don’t know how to stop The train that’s going too fast in the wrong direction.

Not sure of your gift and how to package or monetize your gift
Afraid to scale up because of the lack of confidence in your value
Afraid to be different when everyone is trying to look alike
You have a complex and complicated message, and you don’t know how to package it.
You need help and you tired of spending money on people who can’t produce your vision

 Module 2: Getting Laser Focused:  Break the Cycle of Overwhelm & Get Organized:   Planning 


Is similar to the Spirit of confusion and borderline to attention Deficit.

Breaking the cycle of  overwhelmed:

  • Strategizing a plan for organization, discipline, and consistency.

  • Controlling the overload of  ideas and not enough resources to execute

  • Reducing spontaneity and indecisiveness

  • Creating a feasible and manageable plan

What Do you feel you haven’t achieved in life yet that you still desire?
(I want it but; how hard am I willing to work for it?)
(Do you still want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to still achieve it?)
Why is achieving this so important? 
Did you put this timeline on yourself or are you live up to other’s expectations? 

  • Trust your abilities and self-confidence

  • Stop downplaying your skillful qualities


Module 3:  Be Fearless & Launch 

 1. Creating an effective launch Plan 
 2. Building the right team: Understanding the power of delegation
 3. Be willing to invest and get assistance to avoid the frustration
 4. Overindulgence in details can get you entangled with overwhelm (the never ending cycle)

You will Learn the Tools & Techniques to…

  • Get it all done in record time

  • Manage Stress and Practice Consistent Self-Care

  • Encourage & Embrace Mental Health

  • Package Yourself without Losing Yourself

Practicum:  Present Your Organization or Life Growth  Plan 

VIP:   Bonus Writer’s Intensive

  • 4 hr Session at the Writer’s Internet Café

  • Write's Boot Camp Book Writing  & Course Development through the 10 Steps to Writing, editing, promoting, and Launching your Book in 30 Days.

  • One significantly discounted 45 Minute Strategy Session with Kelly if desired. 

At Writer’s Internet Café, you will leave with the following additional takeaways. 
1.   Writing your book in record time & Researching your launch plan.
 2:   Creating a Course from the book. *workbook & course host website
 3:   Editing, proofreading, promoting, and marketing the book & establish an actual launch date. (leads and referrals) 


While many of us focus on the daily activities that cause us to be unproductive, I believe there is a much deeper problem hidden under the surface of what we call “excuses.” 

People use excuses to justify their inability to “Get it Done."

The word excuse is like fingernails on a chalkboard to the woman who is an overachiever, ambitious, and in her view, accomplished.  In time past, she was considered the leading lady, full of energy, whit, and a great problem solver…for others.  This was and still is an overwhelmed and overlooked woman's pain point. 

But now she feels she’s been sidelined for and for what, she doesn’t know.  Looking at her current life, she can’t discover where she lost… Her passion, Her desire, Her tenacity, Her dreams, Her body, Her joy, Her marriage, Her children, Her hunger for more…She knows something is there…but can’t figure out how to pull it out of hiding.

Maybe she put her life on hold to push others forward and believed she would be
NEXT. Perhaps she was the servant leader who ensured everyone else met their life goals, built their ministries or businesses, and reached their ultimate purpose.  However, she looks over her life and is still unsatisfied with her accomplishments.  By NOW,  she says, I should have been THERE…but I seemed to have lost my way, and maybe I am there…I don’t know how to show up in this chaotic world. 

Maybe you feel a burning desire that there’s more for you to do for yourself this time, and yet you think you have nothing left to give. 

You believed in the promise, “Give, and it will be returned to you.”  But…it seems there is no reciprocation for all you have given. 
“WHERE IS MY RECIPROCITY? “ you scream, but no one responds because your scream isn’t an outward expression; It's your inner cry because you are afraid to put your desires on demand for fear of seeming selfish and unappreciative. 

Unfortunately, this is the cry of many emotionally entangled women who are harboring feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, burnt-out, lack of clarity, lack of direction, and simply wandering, hoping to discover the place called
T.H.E.R.E for their life.  Yes, the place where you are Thriving in a Healthy Environment and Recovering, Relaxing, and Reaching the Established place where you can peacefully Embrace your breakthrough and your abundance.

I believe you are that woman, who wants more, but you are simply burnt out, and you don’t know how to grab ahold of the more and maintain it for more than a day. 

I believe you truly are not making excuses.

YOU'RE simply tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, and feel you’ve lost your voice

You are unsatisfied because you want more of what you no longer possess…More than 30 years of service at one job, ministry, or relations.   More than minimal savings and still living paycheck to paycheck when so much money has filtered through your hands.  Yes, this can lead to an unsettling dissatisfaction. 

You want to start over, but because you feel you have so much baggage to unpack, you have no idea where to start, and to be honest, you are simply tired of trying to do it alone.  

All these feelings signal that you are at the perfect moment in your life to Get Grit & Show-Up.   But first, you must deal with the “pink elephant” in the room.  

  The deep-rooted pains, frustrations, and soul addictions (fear, overwhelm, insecurity, low self-esteem, intimidation, and lack of confidence) keeps us stuck in a maze and the constant cycle of taking two steps forwards and four steps back.  Now many may say this is negative-self-talk, but to the woman who used to have it all and was able to do it all, she was superwoman; what I just said is

HER REALITY, she lives it every day. So, it’s not an excuse … It’s an explanation.  


So here are three quick strategies you need to implement for yourself TODAY

1.  Stop putting yourself off for next 

2.  Decide today to show up for yourself 

3.  Click on the button below and signup for this mastermind today and start the journey of a lifetime. 

I want to empower that woman…

The one who saying…I’m the lost generation… This not about age; it’s about posture. The one who’s saying, I’m not making excuses…I’m simply lost; lost to a world and a people who forgot about me. The one who’s saying, I want more…but I have nothing left to give. (maybe you’re the woman with the issue of blood, you’ve felt you’ve made your last thrust)

Woman, I want to encourage you…

You can get up again, You can show up again, And You can win again… Your best days are still ahead of you, so RISE, If this message resonated for you. If it gripped your soul and you feel empowered already to say It’s time to show up for yourself TODAY, then…click on the button below And sign up for my 6-week Go & Show UP NOW Life Journey.

You will be transformed to…

Get Up, Show Up, & Stay Up
Get to the place called T.H.E.R.E
Rekindle Your Inner Fire…and
Put Yourself Back in Demand for Yourself

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