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The Time to B.I.R.T.H Forth is NOW

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What is BFM?

Welcome to "The Birthing THRONE" – a transformative faith-based Mentorship exclusively designed for women ready to embark on a journey of healing, growth, and purposeful living. BFM is a level one mentorship that helps women to understand how to navigate through the birthing cycles of their purpose. You will encounter the greater wisdom to embrace the process of your purpose and understand that life can bring its share of hurts, trauma, and pain. This particular course is not just a gathering; it's a sanctuary for women seeking healing and empowerment. We believe that every woman has a unique birthing cycle and stage, a process where healing and growth converge to birth purpose. Join us as we navigate through the stages of your birthing cycle, helping you heal from the past and grow into the powerful woman you were destined to be. Our carefully curated sessions and mentorship opportunities are crafted to guide you in confidently birthing your purpose, ready to impact and influence the world around you. This isn't just an event; it's a divine appointment for transformation. Prepare to be surrounded by a community of like-minded women, ready to support, uplift, and celebrate each other's victories. The Birthing is your opportunity to step into a new season of purpose and influence. Are you ready to embrace your unique birthing cycle and confidently birth your purpose? Join us at The Birthing, where healing, growth, and purpose converge to empower you to impact and influence the world. Your transformation starts here

* NOTE:  RSVP only.  Registration for the mentorship is closed.  Please email at thebirthingthrone@gmail for special consideration and late enrollment. 

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You Will Learn How to Navigate Through...


The Seed 

 What is birthing in the W.O.M.B.?


The Nurturing Stage 

Endure the birthing pains and the attacks that come to frustrate your purpose.


The Delivery Stage 

Moving and positioning yourself to know the proper time to P.U.S.H.


The Vision Stage 

What do you see NOW? 

                 Key Takeaways:                     Be Empowered to receive... 


Boldness to Be 

When you choose to answer the call...fear has no more grip on you.  Discover the self-sabotaging behaviors that's keeping you stagnated, stuck, and silent.  Fear and intimidation are the biggest culprit to spiritual miscarriages and abortions.  Once we DNC and remove the residue of past hurts and pains; you will gladly welcome the new birthing pains that's ushering you into your ultimate purpose 


Insight Concerning Your

When you don't know a purpose of a thing your will abuse and misuse it.  Here you will fine tune your gifts and strength and gain the confidence of what God has called you to do and be.  


Clarity of Your
Birthing Cycle 

From delusion to determination.  Often we feel me are more ready than we are; other tines we feel unqualified.  But when you know your birthing stage you will understand your sense of urgency to be developed or to push 

Downloadable workbook for all modules 

Four (4)  2hr of intense training in to help your B.I.R.T. H Live Virtual Mentorship with Prophetess Kelly 

Choice of  one of Kelly's Recent E-books

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Opportunity to book a 30-minute 1:1 with Kelly at a discount price  registrants only 

What to Expect? 

Be Empowered to B.I.R.T.H.  Forth With..


Presented by Kelly Jennings, Founder & CEO at
Kelly Jennings Global 

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Empowering Women Through Mentorship

I'm all about empowering women as a mentor and the founder of Midwife Birthing Throne. My assignment is to support women through one of the most transformative journeys of their lives. In our mentorship, we're creating a safe, nurturing space for women to develop and grow spiritually, while guiding them toward their God-given purpose and destiny.

My Ultimate Goal?

To empower women everywhere so they can break- through, bring-forth their true selves, and Be. Every woman deserves the opportunity to live out her purpose and display the best expression of herself with freedom and confidence. But, I'm not stopping there—I want every empowered woman to pay it forward, by teaching others to do the same.

 I look forward to mentoring you soon, 

Kelly -PAK

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